How is the coach-in-training program structured?

How is the program structured?

The program takes two years. The first cohort began in May 2015. The second cohort begins in May 2017. Here is an outline of what is involved:

  • Winter-Spring: You will prepare from a select bibliography and attend an initial, five-day colloquy in May at Vanderbilt Divinity School.
  • Summer-Fall: You will read a new bibliography and engage in a round of “homework” that involves the written analysis of preaching case studies and sermons offered by those in your cohort.
  • January: You will attend a five-day on-site colloquy at Vanderbilt Divinity School with your peer-coaching cohort. During this colloquy, you will coach actual peer groups invited to campus for a four day experience in peer coaching.
  • Spring: You will return to your home region and create a new, fee-based, 4-6 member peer-coaching field group near where you live.
  • Summer-Fall: You will supervise 8 peer-coaching group sessions under the guidance (through video-conferencing) of one of the homiletics supervisors.
  • January: During the first week of January, you will return to the Vanderbilt campus for a three day evaluation and graduation experience.

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