Who should become a certified preaching coach?

Who should become a certified preaching coach?

Similar to programs in CPE supervision or spiritual direction, this program is not for everyone. Because we are certifying you professionally to “hang a shingle,” thereby taking responsibility for partnering in an important aspect of another person’s vocation, the program is rigorous, involving extensive reading, coursework, training in professional ethics, supervised practice, and evaluation. We assume, therefore, that peer coaches are well-experienced in preaching ministry and:

  • professionally motivated – they desire to add homiletic coaching to their resumés and want to engage in either a fee-based individual practice with clients, or will use this training in an organized educational setting (seminary, continuing education program, denominational program, etc.)
  • vocationally motivated – they have a profound respect for preaching, have experienced both the joys and struggles of the preacher, and experience a calling or desire to assist others become better practitioners.
  • collaborative – they have a personality and leadership/teaching style  that values learning from the insights and feedback of others.
  • theologically motivated – they believe in the centrality of preaching to the life of Christian faith and the development and maintenance of the Church.

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