Who should join a Preaching Peer-Group?

Who should join a Homiletic Peer-Coaching Group?

Peer-groups are designed to develop ministry-sustaining relationships and to assist in professional and vocational formation in ministry. If you join one of our groups, you should not expect the kind of highly directive coaching that is designed to offer advice, judgment, or “fixing” your preaching. Our approach to peer coaching is very inductive and focuses on starting with your concerns and working with you to locate together the best way forward for you. Our focus is on asking good questions, listening to peers reflect on their experience of your preaching, and then allowing you to determine what is most relevant or significant for your preaching.

Our January cohorts of peer-groups have an added dimension – they include “parallel-learning,” a powerful form of second-order learning that occurs when peer-groups share in the training of their coach. Because of this, participants sometimes learn about their preaching indirectly through listening to experts reflect on how best to coach their preaching to excellence.

We assume that participants in peer-coaching groups are:

  • feedback-oriented learners – they are not satisfied to “go it alone,” or to attend preaching conferences for “inspiration” and a few new tricks, but consider well considered feedback by coaches and peers crucial to their development as preachers.
  • patient, inductive learners – they are able to be a part of a group that foregoes “advice-giving,” in favor of more inductive and experiential forms of learning that involve careful listening and feedback.
  • passionate about preaching – they believe in the transformative power of preaching in the lives of people of faith and for the larger world, and are highly motivated to improve the effectiveness of their preaching.
  • committed to continuing education – they are voracious learners themselves, and are committed to furthering the continuing education efforts of others, including other preachers, and those who are learning to becoming preaching coaches.  



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